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1st Quarter 2007
Kim Geiss, Editor

Board Members
Kathy Wilson, Pres
Cheryl Lapham, Trea
Joe Incorvia, Sec
Chuck Hinton

Management Co.
Ameri-Tech Realty, Inc.
Scott Vignery
726-8000 ext. 222

Letís welcome our new neighbors:

Holmes & Linda Manning
913 Kingscote Ct.

The Board would like to seriously look into cleaning up the signage are at the intersection of Enterprise Road and Green Springs. It is just too big an expense for us since we have other things we need inside our community. If you have any contacts that can offer reasonable service or products (new gate, plantsÖ) please let the Board know. If you know individuals in the other communities feel free to discuss our long-range plans with them or pass their information to the Board.

Residents continue to obstruct the cul-de-sacs by parking in them. This prevents vehicles (i.e. mailperson) from getting by. Parking on subdivision islands is prohibited as well. It destroys any landscaping. The Board is looking into re-landscaping many of our islands (Wyndham Way currently) and they will not do so for an island that someone parks on! Letís be more respectful of our community. The management company will be notifying owners of these issues when observed.

Architectural requests must be submitted AT LEAST one week before work is to commence. That time is needed for every committee member to have time to review the paperwork. Repeatedly the management company receives requests the day before work is to commence. It is unfair to expect the management company and committee members to review and approve your request that quickly.

All requests should be submitted before any products are ordered or any contracts are signed. If you commence work and your request is denied YOU will have to make the necessary changes to get it approved. You are responsible for all costs involved. An Architectural form is attached but can also be printed from the website.

The Board is looking for people who would like to join a new landscaping committee. The committee would help to pick seasonal flowers for our entrances, report landscape issues to the board, and decorate the entrances during the holidays. The committee would be given a budget to do so. If interested please contact Kathy Wilson at 723-7291 or email her at>

The Board has an opening for the position of Vice President. If you are interested in the position, contact Kathy Wilson at 723-7291 or Having a say in what the Board decides is a great way to be involved in the community.

I will be starting a new directory just for families with children. We have a lot of children in our neighborhood but many of us (me included) donít know everyone. This will be a way to meet other parents and children. This directory is for all kids younger than 18 but is especially for the families of younger children looking for playmates or carpools. If you are interested please email me at with their name(s), address, phone number, school they attend, DOB and current age. I will start the lists by age category but will not be updating ages every year so the DOB will be used. This directory will be posted online but will be password protected as well. I will notify all participants of the new password.

We have a tentative site for the installation of the electrical supply and pump for an aerator system on the pond behind Kingscote and Chillum Courts. The Association will apply for a city grant to help alleviate the costs of installing the system.

If you see anything in the community that you feel needs attention please contact Scott at Ameri-tech. Though the Board is vigilant they will not be able to find every problem or issue. We need everyoneís assistance to keep the Board and management company informed. Please leave contact information in case a follow up call is needed.

The community garage sale was another great success. We had 15 homes participating even with the rainy weather. Thanks again to the Borzellieres for coordinating this event.

New Neighbors