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The City of Safety Harbor has requested that we remind homeowners to place trashcans at least 5 feet from obstructions (e.g. mailbox) on trash day. The large garbage truck with the robotic arm cannot lift trashcans that are close to the mailboxes, etc., without causing damage. The city may issue warnings and can refuse to pick up your trash.
The Board is looking for people who would like to join a new landscaping committee. The committee would help to pick seasonal flowers for our entrances, report landscape issues to the Board, and decorate the entrances during the holidays. The committee would be given a budget. If interested please contact Kathy Wilson at 723-7291 or email her at>
I have started a new directory just for families with children but have gotten only a few responses. This is a good opportunity to meet other families. If you are interested please email me at with their name(s), address, phone number, school they attend, DOB and current age. I will start the lists by age category but will not be updating ages every year so the DOB will be used. This directory will be posted online but will be password protected as well. I will notify all participants of the new password once it is posted online.
Some residents residing along the ponds have inquired about erosion prevention measures. In order to provide consistency along the pond, the Board has agreed on sculptured decorative blocks as the only hard erosion protection system allowed. Please see the architecture page of the website for a picture and more information. Architectural requests are still required.
If you see anything in the community that you feel needs attention please contact Scott at Ameri-tech. We need everyone’s assistance to keep the Board and management company informed. Please leave contact information in case a follow up call is needed.
In an effort to join the 21st century, reduce costs and save trees, the Board has elected to stop mailing newsletters effective 2008. Instead, the newsletter website link will be emailed to all homeowners.  Once you have clicked on the link to review the newsletter, you can browse the site for information such as earlier newsletters, minutes, and other Association business.

Please send your email to Scott with Ameri-tech Realty who will be responsible for emailing all of you. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose than Huntington Trails newsletters and other important association business. If you don't have email please check the website regularly or ask to have the newsletter mailed to you.
New Neighbors
Yard Signage
No signs other than real estate signs measuring 18"x24" are allowed to be displayed on our properties. A contractor may post their sign during the time they are doing work but must be removed immediately after.
Yard of the Quarter
There are many beautiful yards in our subdivision, and the Board would like to acknowledge particulary nicely landscaped yards in our newsletter. If you have a neighbor you'd like to nominate please email Scott.
Brown Lawns
Due to recent drought our neighborhood has seen many problems from chinch bugs to dead grass. According to TruGreen it is important to water your lawn thoroughly during the permitted time. Apply at least one inch of water for each area. Turf adjacent to hard surfaces may need more. They also recommend mowing St. Augustine at 3.5-4 inches tall. A longer leaf blade will improve water retention by keeping the ground shaded and allowing deeper root development. A supplemental potassium application was suggested for stressed area.
Meet our Vice President
Mark Dickman...
Florida resident for over 35 years
OEM Account Manager for Parker Hannifin
Married with 2 children
Hobbies: Tennis and all watersports