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Vice President:
Joe Incorvia, JsIncorvia@aol.com
Chuck Hinton, charlesdhinton@yahoo.com
Cheryl Lapham, laphamcr@verizon.net
Kathy Wilson, wilson2kk@gmail.com
Beth Veakis
Now's your chance to clean out the garage and house of unneeded items!!!

We will be having our 4th Annual Community Garage Sale on

Saturday, February 9th
8 am to 1 pm

The association will be paying for advertisements and signage.  Ray and Joyce Borzelliere (723-9728) have volunteered to coordinate this function again.  Please let them know if you will be participating and what types of items you have for sale so they can better advertise for us.
Starting in 2008 the newsletters will no longer be mailed.  You can view them online at HuntingtonTrails.org. Please send your email address to Pierre Thiemann at Ameri-tech Property Management at pierre@ameritechmail.com or call him at 726-8000 ext. 235.  Pierre will be responsible for emailing notices of the recently posted newsletter.
Your email address will not be used for any other purpose than Huntington Trails' newsletters and other important association business. If you don't have email please check the website regularly or ask to have the newsletter mailed.
Note 1: if you'd like to access the neighborhood directory as well, use "florida" as the password.
Note 2: a test email will be sent to all email addresses we have received to date.  If you have not received the test email, please contact Pierre at Ameri-tech.

Installation of the aeration system for the pond behind Huntington Lane/Kingscote properties is completed. Now, all three of the Huntington Trails retention ponds have aeration systems (one fountain, two aerator systems). These systems will result in less algae blooms and surface plant growth and reduction of decaying muck in the bottom of all of our ponds. Approximately half of the cost of all three aerator systems was offset by funds received from the City of Safety Harbor.

The pond on Huntington Lane adjacent to Huntington Estates has been transferred to Estates for regular maintenance.  Following the review of the original subdivision plats, the Board learned that the pond was the responsibility of Estates.

Pond Status                                                                           
Community Garage Sale
Online Newsletter Reminder                  
In 2008 the Board will be deciding on the correct maintenance steps we will take for our roads.  It may involve some measure of milling and asphalting.   We’ll keep you posted through meeting minutes and newsletters.
Road Maintenance                                               
Please welcome:
Randal & Laurie Langley
1000 Chatham Court
New Neighbors  
At our annual meeting on November 14th the community elected our new Board members which are really the same members but with a little changing of positions:
New Board Members                                          

4nd Quarter 2007


Management Co.
Ameri-Tech Realty, Inc. Pierre Thiemann
726-8000 ext. 235

Board Members
Joe Incorvia, Pres
Chuck Hinton, VP
Cheryl Lapham, Trea
Kathy Wilson, Sec
Beth Veakis