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Let’s hear it for our graduating seniors!!  We wish them bright futures and great success in whatever they decide to do.  You make us proud! 

I’m sure everyone has noticed the yellow and orange flags and the multi-colored spray paint littering the neighborhood.  By now, you’ve gotten the little notice on your door explaining that Verizon FIOS (fiber optic internet and TV) is coming to our area. We have been told that after the initial digging and then replacing the sod, there is yet another crew that will come along to actually “fix” the sod so it looks nice again. If you have questions, concerns, complaints or want more information, you can contact Advanced Communications USA, LLC: (800) 838-5957, the company Verizon has contracted to do the work.

It was noticed that some of the roofs in our neighborhood need to be cleaned.  Shingle roofs need cleaning periodically, just like tile roofs. Algae, moss, and fungus growing on the roof can cause premature granule loss of the shingles. To clean a shingle roof, you use a chemical wash, not a pressure wash. Periodic cleaning of asphalt roofs is not only for aesthetics, it should extend the life of the roof, as well.  As always, make sure to use a reputable company which has had a lot of experience in cleaning asphalt roofs.  Many roof-cleaning companies know how to clean either type of roof.


FIOS is Coming!  

There are many lawns in the subdivision with obvious chinch bugs infestations. These tiny buggers kill St. Augustine grass quite quickly, and they need to be eradicated as soon as possible. Lawn service companies often spread insects like chinch bugs from one lawn to another, so it is a constant battle. Homeowners should make sure the chinch bugs have been eradicated before replacing the dead sod. (Tip:  Tru-green Chem-Lawn recommends grass plugs over sod because plugs have roots.)

Chinch Bug Warning      
Let’s please welcome:
Jennifer and Otis Travers
 1201 Huntington Lane
New Neighbors  

School is out and kids are looking for things to do and places to go.  The Safety Harbor Rec Center and Rigsby Center have plenty of things going on inside and outside.  The Marshall Street Park has been updated with brand new equipment and additional parking spaces.

Kids are looking for ways to earn extra money. If you have some chores around the house (car-washing, weeding, babysitting), or if you have a teen or tween that is looking to keep busy, let me know. You can call 813-957-5171, or send an email to: TammiiG@aol.com and I’ll try to coordinate the effort.

Summer Is Here    

2nd Quarter 2008
Editor: Tammii Sheldon


Management Co.
Ameri-Tech Realty, Inc. Pierre Thiemann
726-8000 ext. 235

Board Members
Joe Incorvia, Pres
Chuck Hinton, VP
Cheryl Lapham, Trea
Kathy Wilson, Sec
Beth Veakis



Summertime is a time when our children are outside playing more than other times of the year.  Please, please take caution to obey all stop signs and speed limits through the neighborhood.  Our children depend on it!

PLEASE… Drive Safely
While Making the Rounds…

Do not  backflush your pools through the drainage holes in the association wall along Green Springs Drive. The chlorine in the water kills the landscaping and there is some noticeable damage.  Thank you!


Reminder to Homeowners With Lots Abutting Green Springs Drive: