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Architectural Request Process

Architectural forms can now be submitted via email. 

Approval by the Architectural Committee is required prior to commencing work on any project that will alter the exterior of your home. DO NOT COMMENCE ANY CHANGES UNTIL THE COMMITTEE HAS GIVEN THEIR APPROVAL.  If you fail to do so and your request is denied you will have to return your home to the previous condition or find another solution.  Please give two weeks from the time you mail the request until you receive a response. 

Exterior Paint or New Roof

If making a request like new paint or a new roof you must provide a sample or picture. If mailing the form INCLUDE A SAMPLE. If emailing, INSERT A PICTURE OF THE SAMPLE (either scanned by you or copied from manufacturer’s website) DIRECTLY INTO THE WORD DOCUMENT. Please do not include website links because they may not be valid in the future.

Fence Guidelines

Approved by the Board of Directors in October of 2015, the attached document outlines the guidelines for the installation or replacement of fences. An Architectural Request form, as well as a City Permit, is required for installation of fences. Click here to view the guidelines

Pond Retaining Walls

In order to provide consistency along the pond, sculptured decorative blocks are the standard for hard erosion protection. These blocks (click for picture) are sculptured on one side and there is a lip in the back of each block so they will be held in place. The color must be in the brown/tan family of colors.  Wall height shall be as close to the normal high water line as possible to meet existing lawn grade as necessary to protect property from erosion, i.e., the top of the bank to match lawn elevation. 


  1. Review the guidelines above.
  2. Download the Architectural Reqest form here.
  3. Send an email with the Architectural Request Form attached to JKidd@ameritechmail.com.
    1. Please be sure to put “Huntington Trails arch request” in the subject line.


  4. Send a hardcopy of the request form to:

       Ameri-tech Property Mgmt, Inc.
       24701 US Hwy 19N, Suite 102
       Clearwater, 33763
       ATTN: Jenny Kidd


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